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The Woman Who Yelled At Starbucks Barista For Wearing Mask Wants Cut Of His $100k Fundraiser

Amber Lynn Gilles/Facebook/ArtieNBCSD/Twitter

More than $100,000 has been raised for a Starbucks barista in California who wouldn’t serve an enemy of veil client. Presently, she needs a cut.

On June 22, Amber Lynn Gilles visited her nearby Starbucks on Genesee Avenue, San Diego. As of now, face veils/covers are obligatory inside all organizations inside the nation, excepting quite certain ailments.

As an enemy of vaxxer, Gilles accepts ‘it begins with espresso yet it closes with computerized authentications, the characteristic of the brute and constrained inoculations’. Properly, as he was qualified for, barista Lenin Gutierrez wouldn’t serve her, inciting far reaching open applause and a pledge drive for ‘tips’. As the complete develops, Gilles believes she’s qualified for a portion of that cash.

Amber Lynn Gilles/Facebook

Gilles initially posted a photograph of Lenin, wearing a veil, to Facebook, composing: ‘Meet Lenen from Starbucks who would not serve me cause I’m not wearing a cover. Next time I will hang tight for cops and bring a clinical exception.’

In a later video clarifying what occurred, Lenin stated: ‘Before I could state anything she flipped me off and said I needn’t bother with one and she began reviling up a tempest. She began calling individuals sheep and she left and inside a couple of moments returned and she requested my name and snapped a picture.’

I’ve received numerous messages asking for my side of the story. Since this seems to be the most popular thread I decided to post my personal experience here. Thank you all for the love and support.

Posted by Lenin Gutierrez on Wednesday, June 24, 2020

In any case, Gilles stated: ‘I never compromised him, I just got down on him about his activities.’ After endeavoring to openly disgrace Lenin, Gilles is troubled that she’s been freely disgraced in kind: ‘I’ve gotten demise dangers, thousands. It’s extremely upsetting, it’s exceptionally terrifying.’

She included: ‘I was denied and victimized. I didn’t annoy anybody, I got him out on the grounds that I’m disappointed.’

According to NBC 7, Gilles is taking steps to sue the makers of the GoFundMe page for ‘criticism and defamation’. Matt Cowan, from Irvine, set up the pledge drive in the wake of seeing the first photograph on the web.

‘I set it at $1,000 believing that was a range however we would be fortunate on the off chance that we hit like $250, and when we hit $100 I was overpowered by that,’ Cowan told KGTV, including that he was struck by individuals ‘coming together for someone for doing what they should do and attempting to secure every other person’.


A Starbucks representative said in an explanation that while they need ‘everybody to feel welcome’, they ‘consciously demand clients follow social removing and wellbeing conventions suggested by general wellbeing authorities, including wearing a facial covering when visiting our stores’.

Lenin, who instructed moving to kids before the pandemic, plans to utilize the cash to accomplish his fantasies about turning into an artist and help other people arrive as well, while additionally taking a gander at good cause he could give to.


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